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The GOAT | The details are vague | Distorted Dystopia
The GOAT | The details are vague | Distorted Dystopia

The GOAT – The Details are Vague | Distorted Dystopia

“The Details are Vague” is a full-length album by one of Vancouver’s most trending DJ and producer. This is the most expansive release by this artist through Groundwerk Recordings. Chris Marcinikiewicz is the man behind The GOAT and his sound is what I would like to call peak time industrial techno. His music has a lot of dark textures while also being hard hitting. An exciting combination that just makes the listener vibrate without consent! Its as if he is an alchemist that combines techno, industrial and ambient sounds to create a commanding regime of sound!

The album starts e with ‘Removed from Service’, a hard-hitting track that completely focuses on the bassline and percussions. The bassline is the crux of the track while the percussions determine the energy at every point with lush synthy atmospheres. Really industrial! From there it moves on to ‘Good Morning Sinners’ that just takes the distorted bassline from the first track a level higher with a little more punch.  Really interesting use of risers in this track. The synth melody and the white noise riser go perfectly with the aired-out percussions. Again, this track stays true to the industrial vibe of the first track. I guess this is going to be the general theme of the album.

‘Random Dot Auto Stereogram’ is the fourth track of the album and by far the most interesting. The bassline is rubbery and just makes you a ‘spastic elastic’. This wobble bass just pulls you along until the percussions come in and everything starts to make sense. Sweeping atmospheres take you into the dystopian world of ‘The GOAT’ where everything is gloomy and apocalyptic but also exciting and action packed. The track has very minimal elements that makes the mix super clean. As the track progresses, the name of the track starts to make sense. Very interesting sound design that utilizes some sharp high resonance bubbly sounds that give it a more electric vibe!

So far, the coolest track in the album has to be ‘Ephemeral’. Right from the start I could tell that this is an interlude in this album and its amazing. A boomy kick with a long bass gives a really nice bassline that sounds completely different from the rest of the album. The distorted percussions after the 3 minute mark just create an amazing industrial vibe. Dystopian wonderland filled with ephemeral ear candy and long melodies that sweep through.

‘Alone’ is the first track that features vocals in this album. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. The first half of the album did not pave way for this track. This is literally out of the box. From a dark dystopian set of tracks to something with so many positive elements is such a refreshing change. The percussions in this track just keep building the track up while the vocals keep you grounded. Melohalo on the vocals is ethereal and the raw drums in the background create an amazing dancefloor vibe that just spirals you into madness! From the 3 minute 30 second mark you start to see the percussions no longer whirl pooling you in but rather gaining some momentum. The eerie atmospheres take over leaving the listener distraught and continuing spiraling inside their own mind.

Imagine hacking and slashing away all day at the battlefield. Maybe a scene from the ‘Game of Thrones’ or maybe something out of war happening today. Even war has some etiquette that people follow. Everybody definitely needs a break. Just like that, after 6 tracks, the 7th track ‘You Missed the Forest for the Trees’ is the break. An ethereal synth melody that just seems to sweep through. This seems to be a signature style of ‘The GOAT’. Really warm track that just wraps around you, a perfect stress-buster and chill-out track after a heavy hard-hitting night The GOAT’s music. Beautiful soundscapes that just circle around you and just pull you into a state of lull!

‘Vulcanize’ is the perfect contrast to the 7th track as it is probably the most hard hitting track of the album. Filled with distorted elements that just all come together to make this really noise banger. This is what they mean by make noise music! What a feat to be able to achieve! The track mainly consists of some rubbery synth leads, synth staccato melodies and a bassline that is accompanied by some distorted percussions. At the peak of this track all the elements are thrown in together and all their noises just cloud together to create a cluster of just white noise. And in this noise, you hear a rhythm. This is out of the box thinking and real industrial techno. HARDCORE!

‘Reduced to Ashes’ retains the distorted sounds of ‘Vulcanize’ while featuring some rock and roll. It is a collaborative track that shows that ‘The GOAT’ doesn’t just make basslines and is a talented producer that has some really creative ideas for industrial techno! I mean industrial rock and techno hope to achieve the same, so why not bring them both together.

A track that is guaranteed to blow your mind! Distorted guitar solos with vocals that just seems to be fading in and out of the overall mix. All the while, retaining ‘The GOAT’s’ signature warped sound that just invokes a primal energy in the listener. I can imagine myself playing the air guitar while grinding my teeth and screaming this song even in my bedroom. From the 4 and half minute mark, this track just takes a completely different turn. The vocals fade out and we can hear ‘The GOAT’s’ usual bassline that seems to suddenly manifest along with some elastic synth leads. CHAOS at its finest!

The GOAT has created a masterpiece that is an embodiment of the concept ‘Make noise music”! Repetitive percussions that are distorted into raw noise along with dark creepy ambient soundscapes to create an industrial dystopia that every body would pay money to go to! If I could describe this album in a phrase it would be “Hardcore industrial chaos”! Clearly the details are vague on this album because this is something that cannot be described by just words.

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