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Jason Maxwell – For Now | Serene
Jason Maxwell – For Now | Serene

Jason Maxwell – For Now | Serene

Jason Maxwell is a young and ardent singer and songwriter who is known for his soulful beats and mellow lyrics that are sure to lift your spirits. With his unique musical soundscapes, the listeners feel transcended to some outer space and will leave you wanting for more.

For Now, is a song that makes you grow soft for the time it plays. The soulfulness of the track is something that you will miss long after you have listened to the track. With its slightly retro nuances, contemporary feels, and evergreen kind of musicality, For Now easily becomes a song you would want to revisit.

Jason Maxwell introduces an almost outlandish yet familiar tenderness to the track through his extremely soft vocals and refined persona. The song carries a lot of treasures with it but its most profound quality is its tenderness. The soft beats, extra soothing and gentle vocals, soft paced flow and transcending effect of the track make you want to get lost in its atmosphere. Jason makes sure to maintain this surreal quality throughout the track.

The lyrics of the track are also of the same nature. They are deep, profound, and have a melancholic touch to them which makes them even more enjoyable. The collectiveness of all the qualities makes the song what it is. With amazing lyrics, outstanding production, transcending vocals, and a soft flow, you will fall in love with this track!

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