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Jack Goldstein – ((((((SAILIN)))))) | Exhilarating

Jack Goldstein, once of the psychedelic pop band Fixers, now makes cheerful, uncompromising experimental lo-fi music. His latest album, ‘The World Is Ending And I Love You’, is releasing on the 24th of June. One of the album’s most powerful tracks, ‘((((SAILIN))))‘, is completely bursting with great high energy that will leave a lasting effect on our minds. The amplified vocals would ring in our ears for a long time. The album’s underlying premise is about emotions that make us furious at times and emotionally touch us with sadness at other times, as a result of the awful pandemic. The song also conveys and portrays the inner voice’s rage, which probably had a profound influence on the songwriter’s ability to survive under terrible times and situations.

The arranging ideas were also fantastic. The structure has such wonderful dynamism that it will certainly leave a lasting impression. I’m sure listening to the song live with the same passion would have been an unforgettable experience. The vocal delivery is amazing, with incredible control across the octaves. Even the new vocal harmonies and accompanying production have substantially improved the mood. Overall, the powerful guitars and enormous sounding drums add to the song’s energy, making it sound incredibly insane, and it’s amazing to listen to how the softest bits are formed by keys and vocals. I am optimistic that the record as a whole has a profound message that will be amplified throughout the listening experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the album, go visit the bandcamp page.


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