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Sprouts-Jazzid Rap
Sprouts-Jazzid Rap
Sprouts-Jazzid Rap

Sprouts-Jazzid Rap (ft. rohan!) | Ebb & Flow

Sprouts is a new artist with some great skills. Not only rapping and organizing, but the passion he has for the game is evident. He had an A-Side intro as a single earlier this year which was enough of a trailer. This is his album, Jazzid Rap, made in collaboration with rohan!. Let’s dive in.

The first is the single that put the crease on the page. Like De La Soul vibes, the background is a combination of soul, jazz and solid hip-hop beats that create a mélange of flavors. This single put Sprouts on the map, and it should because of how compact and quick the verses are.

The background on Sentinel Shield is an addictive one. It uses the keys to intro but fades into just the beats with the beast. The rapid beat translates to something bigger with layers adding on, with entertaining lyrics that really hold their own ground. Immense work has gone into the background production and sir, it has been acknowledged.

Cruel Sun takes a peek at the funky side. Opening with a bassline which then has an R&B slide to some classic hip-hop beats. To make the mind sublime you need to read the finer signs. Some solid bar spitting going on by this duo right here, and you need to pay attention unless you want the gold to pass you by.

Orange Moon has JJ Jansen join them on vocals duty, as the artists go meta and claim this to be the interlude. With a Jay-Z style delivery and Timbaland’s fingers on the production board, we have some 00’s rap going on. The orange moon crisis might be on the Earth, but that isn’t stopping these guys from delivering a killer record. Chamber Hop has Max B join in for what might be us entering a little bit of the Wu-Tang. With the sound and vibe so rare, Sprouts makes sure this is homage to his favorite artists.

Title Track Pt 2 has some of the most unique openings and rap punctuation I’ve heard. Not only does it start on the odd beat, but relies on pure rhyming ability to awaken the inner metronome. A rappers flow is his biggest tool, and Sprouts might be carrying an entire toolbox. By the time the mellow beats kick in and the featured artists sings their prayer, the song’s premise has been established.

Fibonacci builds with the mathematical concept and spins its tale around it. The beats lead till the verses catch on, with each of the artists’ pitching in their lines one by one. The redefined version of this superb hip-hop track has a soul that you can reach only if you follow the spiral all the way home. The bonus track The Lab is the final, closing track. With a nice R&B theme overtaking this track, this is a precipice of collaboration by these two. It has the synth background, beat and condensed verses that hardly take away your time, if anything add value to it. If this is what is called a debut, other artists please beware. Jazzid Rap is on my charts now.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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