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Atomic Bronco-Get You off My Mind
Atomic Bronco-Get You off My Mind
Atomic Bronco-Get You off My Mind

Atomic Bronco-Get You off My Mind | Get into the groove

Atomic Bronco is a sonic explorer. He’s constantly chasing new vibrations, sounds and combinations to create the most delightful tracks. Define it as rock, roll or folk-he can give you a trial in each. Conditioned with superior songwriting and simple, catchy lyrics, he brings to us his latest single. Get You off My Mind is your next week’s groove.

With a driving bassline that sets the tempo and tone, Get You off My Mind is a bopping, energetic number. The chiming guitars provide dissonance for the vocals to enter. A gentle whisper, a maniacal serenade-you can call it what you want. The tracks lead to the buzzing chorus, but still crashes on you like a battery zap. The groove is heavily set for a dance/pop single, and you can positively hear the vibrations on the floor. Part Frank Black and part New Division, this is a spicy new sound that is an encouraging pot luck of genres.

Don’t forget he’s a rock star, because he won’t let you, either. The solo kicks in within the right niche, revitalizing anything that would have allowed the song to get stagnant. From his 2021 album Spectrum, he’s found voice in a new direction, and fans are inclined to love it. In 2 years, he’s built an envious catalogue, and we can’t wait for what is to come.

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