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Call in Dead-Patriarchy
Call in Dead-Patriarchy
Call in Dead-Patriarchy

Call in Dead-Patriarchy | These walls won’t stand

Let’s say I give you one minute to prove your sound. To dissolve the essence your music holds in only 60 seconds. That’s punk to you, and only some bands have the mirth, energy and destructive force to create a butterfly effect worth witnessing. Call in Dead release their latest single, Patriarchy.

Led by one of the most powerful voices in emerging punk, Call in Dead’s frontwoman is not taking any shit. The system has been rigid for too long, and questions have to be asked. Here they fuck up the patriarchy, creating a hurricane sound and making use of every one of those 60 seconds. Loud and proud, they’re going to bend the norms around. From the DC punk scene, they channel Bad Brains, The Dead Kennedys, Cro-Mags and countless other acts that powered against the system, Call in Dead source their rage to the right place.

Now it goes without saying that their energy is palpable live, so they have some great live releases that you can hear via the crowds energy. Their 2018 EP called The EP is a gasoline fueled riot fest, with no rest between songs and absolute headbangers collected together. Listen to them shake the ground up here:

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