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Denni Ian’s Here, In Absence
Denni Ian’s Here, In Absence
Denni Ian - Here, In Absence

Denni Ian’s Here, in Absence, Fills Your Surroundings With Ethereal Sonic Vibes

Give your soul a sonic treat with an easy listening song such as the track by Denni Ian, Here, In Absence from his latest EP of the same name. Hailing from the beautiful country of Denmark, Denni Ian is an artist of several talents that include him being a fine writer, an amazing painter, as well as a highly prolific musician who is absolutely incredible at his work. Denni draw inspiration from a variance of influences that involve his long time love for poetry, art that is expressionistic, and classic, obscure literature.

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Here, In Absence, Denni Ian’s latest composition is a piece of sonic art that you cannot miss, especially if you appreciate the craft of musical compositions that involve a blend of influences from a variety of genres in order to bring forth a production as that of this song. Besides its overall production, the instrumentation and lyricism deserve a lot of appreciation. While lyrically, the song is as poetic as one can imagine, compositionally it is an amazing example of Denni’s classy musical artistry. The use of violin melodies as the leads over the chord progression perfectly adds essence to the lower ends of the whole soundscape, and the beautiful male and female vocals simply add more beauty to the song.

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So get ready to enjoy Denni Ian’s Here, In Absence and lose yourself into a world of brilliant sounds and music. You can listen to the song here:

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