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DG Adams-Social Media Love
DG Adams-Social Media Love
DG Adams-Social Media Love

DG Adams shines light on virtual affection with his latest, “Social Media Love”

DG Adams is a songwriter that lives with the times. Though there is a retro essence that feels like an antique shop trip, you still get the theme of the moment. His creative songwriting process is one to experience through his melodies and clever lyricism. Though a lot of people find love in the weirdest places, social media is probably a big one. Here, he encapsulates that feel in this single, Social Media Love. 

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DG Adams strings sweet melodies

The dreamy atmosphere of the virtual world is captured with a Polaroid in a song like this. DG Adams uses blending string melodies and vocals to create a beautiful and original background. As his lyrics bleed out the truth, you feel the same sense of melancholy or joy in his words. There is a probable feel of mistrust, of fear and misalignment with social media and the entanglement of love. There is confusion as much as there is the obvious mystery that lies behind it all. It feels like a Tom Petty song, while still having the writing that is unique to his storytelling. Parts in his song make the melody flow beautifully like a creek-while delivering lyrics that are a hard pill to swallow.

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His 2019 album Nest of Vipers is worth exploring just for the quality of writing. The 2022 EP Searching For Flowers has explored many themes that plague humanity. There is a songwriting talent that shines through his music-and follow him for more music like this!

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