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Our Demise-Vultures
Our Demise-Vultures
Our Demise-Vultures

Our Demise reignite deathcore love with their latest single, “Vultures”

Our Demise brings to you some pretty creative Deathcore. The boys from Perth have been waiting for the right moment to rise, and their music immediately proves it. It packs a punch like no other, and there are a range of influences as well as icons they have tipped their hats to. They re-enter the atmosphere with their latest single, Vultures

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Our Demise bring down the doors

The heavy kick and distortion on the guitar gives enough cracks on the wall. It is a cinematic opening, one that spells doom. Matthew Daly and Our Demise bring some djent breakdowns with the intro. The production on the drums is ridiculous, each beat and hit is felt intensely. The gutturals and screams are finesse styled vocals, polished and executed to the extreme. You have got to love the riff design, creative string work with a hint of pinch harmonics. Our Demise are creating a background that first spells the death, over which the vultures circle. The melody writing is commendable, making some deliberate swings and attacks with the feel of the song. Punctuation on the riffs and vocals are to be heard and felt, and you better let loose when that chorus kicks in. Mosh pit in your living room if you must.

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They have another single called Valiant out. Our Demise are just beginning their ascension to the throne, and we can’t wait to hear more from them. Deathcore is a genre that had its stale dip, but this band shows there is a lot more to explore with their innovative sound. So go ahead, horns up and metal out!:

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