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Sophie Dorsten | Whispers in the Dark | Singer-Songwriter | Indie-pop | Ethereal Melancholy
Sophie Dorsten | Whispers in the Dark | Singer-Songwriter | Indie-pop | Ethereal Melancholy

Sophie Dorsten – Whispers in the dark | Ethereal Melancholy

An ethereal voice that just pierces through the fabric of reality, transcending into a space that is neither within or without the listener. A scintillating mix of amazing piano keys and Sophie’s ethereal voice creates a feeling of elation that is comparable to some kind of psychedelic tribal ritual. How odd is it that I’m comparing such a song to something like that? Think about it! It is guided meditation. Close your eyes, listen to the song and slowly, but surely you will be transported to a world of melancholy. A feeling that slowly overpowers every other emotion, a blissful sadness permeating through the fabric of reality!

Sophie Dorsten is an Indie Pop Singer-songwriter, who was born and raised in Arizona and has been performing around the Phoenix area since she was just 9! A child prodigy who started writing songs back when she was just 13 years old! It was the pandemic that gave rise to this new project. She started working with her brother Alex and together their work is pretty much flawless and well beyond their years! Masterful production, an enchanting voice and creative lyrics are their signature style. Classy and ethereal.

There are time I mistake her voice for that of Adele’s! Again, that’s a personal opinion but it does remind me of her. Especially some parts! What I really love about this track is this spine chilling, neck tickling piano keys that just float around the 1-minute mark of the track. It’s so subtle, but it changes the whole vibe of the track. Creates a base for the sadness, a trigger for most listeners. Followed by a crescendo style of music that just drags the user along into an ethereal world of comfortable sadness.

The lyrics are nothing short of genius! Very good word play and very descriptive lyrics that easily convey Sophie’s emotions, supported by Alex’s amazing production and arrangement.

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