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Jessica Braithwaite – I Still Get Excited For Christmas | Happy Holidays

It’s 2021 and there are more Christmas songs out there than ever before! From good old classics like ‘Feliz Navidad’ to Mariah Carey’s – ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, over a century has passed, and it now seems like Australia’s Jessica Briathwaite is next in line. Her latest release – ‘I Still Get Excited For Christmas’ features cheerful melodies and Christmassy lyrics that are bound to get you in a festive mood!

What’s a holiday song without the vibrant Christmassy chords and sleigh bells? With the familiar festive tones we all know and love, ‘I Still Get Excited For Christmas’ begins with a lively drum rhythm and Jessica’s vocals, that come just a few seconds into the track. A walking bass complements the beat excellently and supports Jessica’s delicate voice in an atmosphere filled with holiday spirit. Imagine walking down the snow-covered streets of New York in December with this song as your soundtrack, doesn’t it feel like you’re in a Christmas film?

What really takes this already upbeat track to the next level is the scale change after that infectious chorus! Jessica’s voice is accompanied by wide harmonies and she really gets you in the mood in the second verse. – “I still get excited for the bells / Ringing all around on Christmas Eve / Sharing the spirit with the family /  There’s so much magic in the air”.

‘I Still Get Excited For Christmas’ plays as a modern alternative-rock song with bright tones and Jessica’s awesome songwriting ability shines through along with her singing here. Known best for her well-received 2020 single, ‘Feel This Way’, she has come a long way since and has debuted at number 5 on the Australian iTunes Rock Charts. Her upbeat and heartfelt music appeals to a wide audience because of how relatable and enjoyable it is, and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more amazing songs from her soon!

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