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Multiply – Millie Blooms | Flow

Hip-hop, for the longest part of its existence, has been a male-dominated industry; with people like Biggie and Pac christening eras after their work. When it comes to modern rap and hip-hop, however, the equation shifts, to a multi-dimensional picture with people of all ages, races, and genders being part of the craft, and coming together to drive the art of rap forward. “Multiply” by Millie Blooms is an example of the kind of music I talk about in my review, keep reading.

As a rap aficionado, there are things about rap that I like, and look for when I’m listening to rap– the flow, the production, the delivery, and whatnot. When I was listening to this song, the one thing that stood out to me (in a very good way) was the clarity of the flow, and the diction at play here, when it came to the writing presented here. THe delivery was great throughout the song, sticking to rhyme schemes like it was second nature– and all this is backed up pretty solidly by the tight instrumental in the background that incorporates the right melodic elements that fit in well with the theme of the lyrics and the key, to deliver something that sounds very well packaged indeed.

The mix is one crucial part of every song and is something I always take the time to talk about in my articles. In this case, I loved the mix— with adequate space to let the ad-libs breathe freely, and form comprehensible layers over the mush that it’s so easy to mess up into– yet so hard to get right. there is a good amount of groove and movement in the mix and instrumentals, and the dynamics are controlled very well, allowing the listener to focus on the core of the song– the vocals, which, again sound tight and well-done.

Overall, “Multiply” by Millie Blooms is a banger, out-the-gate-sounding hip-hop track with good mixes of melody and articulation, and made for a great listen. Check out “multiply” by Millie Blooms here!

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