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9 o'clock Nasty- Rise Up
9 o'clock Nasty- Rise Up
9 o'clock Nasty- Rise Up

9 o’clock Nasty- Rise Up | Clamor for hope

9 o’clock Nasty have never needed a reason to search for a new sound. Unlike Schrödinger’s cat, they have a problem being kept in a box. If you’ve defined their music to be chaotic rock with surprising pop elements, try to relearn what their sound is like now. This is their latest single, Rise Up.

You really wouldn’t take them to be the band that writes anthems. I guess they top your list now. With a two chord change, they make a simple, touching song. The “rise up” part is the one you sing, inadvertently. It is a fun song, and they pay particular attention to the sound here. It is necessary, knowing that it is sparse in terms of layers, unlike their other productions. Sweet frills and guitar licks pepper the song, just to keep it fresh. It is a welcome change, if you were chalking to be that “weird raccoon imitating sound smugglers”. A sentence as unique as their style and approach to sound. Sydd, Ted and Pete are rallying for the bands across the land to come together. With just their persona in review, I’d go along for the ride alone.

The trio have come a long way from their Catch Nasty debut EP. They have brought a lot of sounds into their ever expanding palette, and are innovators without fear. If you didn’t check out their previous single, Sleepy Policeman, do check it out. Now, flick your e-lighters on and rally for change with 9 o’clock Nasty here: 

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