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Ollie Twohill-Boots
Ollie Twohill-Boots
Ollie Twohill-Boots

Ollie Twohill-Boots | Treading to the unknown

Inspired by Band of Horses, Mayer, Bon Iver? Who knows, and honestly, who cares. Its a privilege to listen to good music and that holds true especially with Ollie Twohill. He is a talented guitarist and songwriter who like a sponge, has absorbed energy of music and melody making for years to make his tracks. His latest release is Boots.

Creating a sonic riddle

Using synths to elevate and guitars to levitate, Ollie leaves little to your minds ear. He has crafted a melody so simple yet dense, so magical yet ordinary, you’re left confused. The voice? You tell me if it isn’t designed like your consciousness had an understanding of pitch. Boots is another one of Ollie’s great tracks, a constant catalogue that has only given us melodies and sheets of music that inspire.

I recorded “Boots” together with two others on the Gold Coast Australia with team of Dylan J Smith Producer & Mix Engineer , brothers Blair ( Drums) & Lawson (Bass) Hamilton. Then sent it over to the US for New York based Rogue Planet Mastering – Mike Kalajian.

The song came out of an online signwriting club I did 12 months ago. Each week a theme and topic was allocate to bass a song around. The theme was actually titled “Boots” with the theme of turning up and doing the grind. I improvised a little and thought about periods of my life that I had held myself back on not trying certain things.

Things that I actually wanted to do but was too scared to do. Guess we all suffer from imposter syndrome at some stage in our life so thought it would be good to write a song about it. Hopefully it inspires listeners to take the first steps in pursuing their dreams.

Growing with the flow

That is accurate. Imposter syndrome often restricts free thought and will, and your only enemy is your conscience. We’re glad Ollie did it or you would have never have heard of an artist like this.

Music has been a major part of my life even as a young child. My parents were music lovers particularly my Dad. They told me that I could sing before I could talk, by repeating some of the songs from kids shows etc. I could even sing incy wincy spider in Chinese before English.

I was encouraged play music and my parents made sure I was taught from the age of 7 providing I practiced. Initially guitar and then vocals. I am a left handed guitarist which is difficult to source guitars for a young child, so I improvised playing a “normal” guitar upside down.

Breaking convention in art

The club that learns their instruments by themselves has a particular niche for creativity. As they aren’t bound by traditional norms, they create their own. Lindsey Buckingham, John Mayer and Tom Petty are all examples of convention being broken to create a musician in their own right.

I was fortunate to be exposed to a lot of music from my Dad’s collection and we went to music festivals in my formative years so was exposed to a lot different genres from folk, acapella, pop/rock, heavy rock, jazz, choirs etc.

Tracks that inspired me were from ACDC ( too many) , John Butler – “Zebra” & “Better Than”, John Mayer – “Daughters” , “Waiting for the World to Change”, Colin Hay – “Overkill”.

Having a great channel of exposure through his life, Ollie has repurposed inspiration and found his edge. Songs like Stone Cold Killer & Tapping Away are examples of how ingrained songwriting can create simple yet beautiful structures of sound.

Support & future plans

My Dad has been the driver and backbone of me being an artist. He does the behind the scenes stuff in developing a strategy for releases and digital marketing etc. to let me focus on the creative process of song writing and performing. I had some great music teachers along the way for guitar and vocals and general music theory.

With support from his family and friends, Ollie Twohill is just getting started. He is constantly creating, so keep your eye on his Spotify page for more of these fun releases. He plans for a tour in his country Australia, when he gets a bigger audience. So show your love for Ollie Twohill with his release, Boots.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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