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Prove You Wrong-So It Begins
Prove You Wrong-So It Begins
Prove You Wrong-So It Begins

Prove You Wrong-So It Begins | Riffhanger

You know, I have a bias towards cool stuff, so let’s start right out the gate. The name, font and album art are quintessentially rock. Everything about not even playing this song excites that part of your brain craving riff based rock music. Right now, any rock would do. This is Alex Munoz’s journey, So It Begins.

WIth the smoking string infusion of Chickenfoot, Van Halen, AC/DC and anything else that got you into denim, Vans, or the colour black comes Prove You Wrong. The single uses a distortion drenched riff to build a headbangable atmosphere and then churns the cream of karma. So It Begins has a Sammy Hagar style three note riff that sticks to your chest like a rock band patch. It isn’t pretentious, follows in the roots of all the greats and doesn’t overdo anything.

The solo pays respect to ages of guitar gods, knowingly or unknowingly. So It Begins is a overdrive choked overture by this young man who chose to take the path less taken. He then mastered the guitar on this path, while holding the pick of destiny. It is my sombre duty to hail the next hero that will bring us salvation from radio music. This frequency isn’t ironed out enough for any radio station. This is rough edged rock, so either love it, or get obsessed with it. I’m in the latter.

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