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7000apart - Feel Your Feelings - Side A | Soulful Alt-pop
7000apart - Feel Your Feelings - Side A | Soulful Alt-pop

7000apart – Feel Your Feelings – Side A | Soulful Alt-pop

7000apart, like any other time, have crafted rich tracks with their iconically unique musical taste and flairs, in their recent EP called Feel Your Feelings. They are an American-Swedish alt-pop duo who create sonically rich music with meaningful and transportive lyrics. 

7000apart bring freshness and charm to every project they work on. Their songs have worlds in them because their artistic abundance is simply too great. This particular EP does the same and more by bringing to the listener an enchanting, larger-than-life experience that gets better with every listen. 

No matter how many times one listens to a particular song, it is crucial to have an explorer attitude to fully soak up all the magic that a song has to offer. With this EP, this can’t be more true. Its musical brilliance lies in the little nuances, small detailings, and tiny elements that are tied in together like a dream and make the whole experience extraordinary. The sounds you hear are just this; magical. With extra luscious and smooth melodies that transport you into a realm of peace and quiet and intense lyrics that do the magic slowly but surely, you will fall in love with something or the other. 

The song Stand Together is a brilliant starter that lets you in, into the world of unraveled possibilities with its calm appeal. No is a Nice word is another beauty that hooks you from the very start and leaves you wanting for more.

The beauty of this EP is its very unique and refreshing melodies with no extra unnecessary noise popping in every second. The whole experience almost feels sacred because of the minimalistic nature of songs. With less, they offer more. 

When it comes to production of the tracks, it is undoubtedly at its best. Some might argue that the songs could have been more experimental but if you really pay heed to the whole vibe, everything just fits perfectly. The EP features subtle yet intricate music that is perfect for you to listen to and delve into your own thoughts and clouds of fantaisies and daydreams. 

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