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Unveiling ‘Life Unveiled’: Eazzy P’s Multi-Genre Hip-Hop Journey

Eazzy P is an artist/music producer based in the UK, specialising in different genres like Hip-hop, Trap, Dancehall, Afrobeat and Grime, bringing all these styles together to create a sound of his own that he exudes in his latest record, “Life Unveiled”, a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-chase hip-hop record. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The opener, “Estate”, has all the pomp and grandeur of a Twista record from the 00s, combined with a singing-heavy hook akin to that of Travis Scott from his earlier work– an uncanny combination that finds its sweet spot from the very first bar. The production retains panache and power throughout the runtime, and makes a perfect segue into the second track, “Thoughts”.

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“Thoughts” takes forward the singing-heavy style, that I at this point, wager will remain a consistent theme throughout “Life Unveiled”. The production and the instrumental, however, embrace a more modern late 10s trap-heavy sound that derives a lot of its power from the deep, rumbling kicks and the present bass, with the pianos in the background adding some welcome flair to the whole performance. The flows remain tight and flowy, if not straightforward, which suits the style.

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The listener is jolted right back to an underground rap-battle style track on “Bounce”– with the scratching on the beat making for a great way to tie the dynamics of the track together, with the A$AP Rocky style multi-layered rhyming scheme at play here, with detached syllables and hit words. There is a lot of power in this track, too, quickly becoming a trend across this album.

As the album takes us through the tracks of “Mercedi”, a un, uptempo dance hip-hop track, and “Class”, a similarly styled dancehall track, we approach the middle of the album, “All By Yourself”, which takes the dancehall style, and spins it up with a reggaeton-style beat, layering it back with the singing style, maintaining good dynamics and movement in the mix throughout. The focus is positively on the beat and production here, with the vocals serving as great support play as the bars go by.

Some other honourable mentions from the album include “Flexing” with its experimental, heavy production and slower, more menacing flow, and “Kizomba”, a return to dancehall style music. Overall, the album exhibits wide variety in production techniques, but manages to keep the listener’s focus on the music, which, in summary, turns out to be great.

“Life Unveiled” is a great album to kick on in the car, like for me, and is sure to keep you entertained for the whole of your next road trip. Check out “Life Unveiled” by Eazzy P here:

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