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Zaki Hagins – Younger
Zaki Hagins – Younger

Zaki Hagins – Younger | Art Pop Bliss

American Berlin based composer, vocalist, artist, and model Zaki Hagins enchants us with the beautiful orchestral acoustic rendition of his debut single Younger. Beyond his magical baritone vocals, Zaki’s medium expression is the viola, the violin’s mellower sibling. Younger is dedicated to Mosi, Zaki’s twin brother.

Zaki is originally from Philadelphia, with his roots in contemporary classical music. He has studied with jazz violinist Owen Brown and violist Renard Edwards of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Zaki and Mosi started busking when in high school. In order to pursue composition with Vykintas Baltakas at the Conservatorium Maastricht, where he also studied vocals with Yvonne Schiffelers, Hagins relocated to the Netherlands in 2018.

The song starts with viola stabs and a wind drone. Zaki’s enchanting vocals with a well rounded harmonic bottom end are a joy to the sours. The bass lines start populating this arrangement. The way the elements keep adding to the arrangement is pleasant and feels like a majestically beautifully arranged puzzle. The Pop Mix has some eclectic electronic production. Here, the outro is a beautiful work of art in itself with its stunning layered vocal harmonic production and arrangement.

Zaki’s diverse musical genesis and sonic inspirations include a wide range of artists including Björk, Sufjan Stephens, Animal Collective, Kate Bush, Mitski, and Fleetwood Mac. This is evident in the rich and challenging nature of his music. Zaki Hagins blends his influences to make some truly dazzling artistic alternative pop.

Both the arrangements of the song are delightful treats, each with their delicious sonic and harmonic delights. The song is dedicated to his twin brother. A vocal performance that does not do much belting but is immaculate in its finely sculpted performance is the cherry on the cake of this song. Young by Zaki Hagins is a mesmerizing musical artwork that one can savour with its deep emotional core.

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