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Pressure-All The Things
Pressure-All The Things
Pressure-All The Things

Pressure-All The Things | Ultra-rock

You open your front door and wait for Pressure, and they kick in the back doors. Apart from the obvious ways that sentence sounds wrong, everything about this band sounds right. It is a stellar combination of skilled virtuosos performing a genre they live and love. All their songs were always going to have the spark and consequent fire of passion. This is their latest single, All The Things.

You’re redefining rock with a fresh sound. What are some of the best parts of composing music as a band?

One of the best things is to challenge each other. We constantly send things and suggestions back and forth and try different things. When you are composing on your own, you tend to get stuck or o things in the same way that you always have done.

When you are working together as a band, it is really a learning experience that will not only make an awesome song for the listeners, but it will also take your skill to another level. We really love to write music together and see that as one of the strengths with our band

Olli Violet was the queen of this track even before it started. She has a signature flight motion to her voice, it can handle any range, any time. Simon “Siirpo” Forsell brings the guitars with the crisp definition and style you’d want to hear in a rock track. Like the vocals run of Scorpions, you find yourself singing to the vocals and air-guitaring in no time. The tempo is intuitive to the kind of hard rock you fell in love with, no spicing or editing with different effects.

Your single Pressure has got very popular in the indie music sphere. What element do you think people instantly connect with?

Pressure is a song to help people unite, not knowing the differences and borders that society has put us in. Pressure speaks to people because it just wants us all to help each other through being there for each other and at the same time connect and unite through great music. When you are at a great show you don’t care about who is standing beside you, you are just jumping around singing along and having a great time. Pressure is all about that feeling.

Pressure also has an easy to remember chorus and its easy to sing a long and dance to it.

The textures fall in place with some powerful depth-the chorus being a highlight throughout the song. The bridge is a darker dive with some awesome riffage, something you don’t usually hear. The octave solo is a kick-ass addition to this brilliant song. 

What is your method for writing a song like All The Things, with such a strong opening?

When we wrote All The Things we started with the lyrics. And when we read the lyrics, we soon found out that this song needed an up-tempo, catchy, sexy beat, and we started to write around this. Soon we found the right mood for the song and started to work with it. We had some different versions of this song before agreeing on how we should perform it. But after we all agreed, it just came to us. It was almost as it wrote itself because the melody was clear in our head already as we started with it.

This is a method often used by us. That we start with the lyrics and then choose style and genre after what is needed to tell the story the best. We know it’s a bit backward, but it is something that suits us well.

While performing live, which do you think is the most important element of the song to recreate?

For us it’s the experience. We know that there is so many great bands out there but many of them are locked in the old-school performance way. We want to combine modern storytelling with video and other audio/video effects to bring our audience something really special, something more than just a show, we want to bring them a whole experience.

What is next for Pressure, any more singles or an album on the way?

We are working on a lot of songs right now. Pressure is going towards a little heavier sound right now and in the future, there will be some power metal, symphonic metal blended with a lot of other stuff as usual with us. We will soon announce our new drop so stay tuned for more new Pressure songs during the spring of 2023.

Pressure broke the mould with their self-titled track, which had an incredible aura. What has been created with just live instruments and some great lyrics is spellbinding. Their tracks Untouchable, Hunter or Prey has all the makings of getting prime spots on your rock playlist. This is a band that will keep on giving. And we’re capable of receiving them, all the things:

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