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Toteles | Solaris | Electronic
Toteles | Solaris | Electronic

Toteles – Solaris | Dreamy Musical Odyssey

Electronic music is a very interesting genre because it has the most room for creativity in my opinion. Everyday there are new innovations, and there are an infinite number of combinations that can be used to achieve almost a new sound every time you sit to create. Sometimes, instruments limit you to a particular set of sounds, whereas in electronic music you have access to infinity. Toteles, with his euro rack has set out on an odyssey across the musical contours, discovering new lands and fighting mythical creatures.

Toteles started making music in the 90s with just an Amiga 500 and an 8-bit sampler.  Slowly he started expanding his collection with a Korg MS20 and a Roland TB303. By the end of the 90s he had a studio ready and a few releases on Vinyl with his DJ friend. Thought Toteles started off with house music, his passion drifted towards ambient, electro and chillout. Now combining these two, he has released his latest single under the project Toteles – “Solaris”. The cover art for this track speaks to me about his passion for exploring new sounds and combinations on his Eurorack. Very relevant cover art that embeds the image that the artist wants to paint, into the listeners mind.

Solaris is a wonderful single that takes the listener on a journey through the world of Toteles’ music. Just like I said before, he is on an odyssey across the surreal world of musical contours. As he explores, he creates and that is a magical combination for music. The song starts of with some really nice dreamy keys. As the kick drum sets in, you begin your journey. The ship sets sail and the image of people waving good bye just keeps drifting farther away. As the lead comes in, you’re suddenly in harsh waters braving a storm. Then the track slowly drifts into a short break. The sun shines again and lo and behold – land ahoy! The break is defined by the wonderful melody that seems to keep the track going without any kick or percussions. Then again, the track starts off in full swing as you rush to the coast in search of the forbidden lands. There is this wobbly bassline that I really liked in the first half of the track which seems to evolve into a slightly longer more sustained bassline towards the second half. The fade out in the ending truly makes me sad that its over.

Tastefully crafted musical odyssey that leaves you begging for more. Its like the first episode of a show that leaves you hooked and itching to know what comes next. This is the effect solaris has on you. A dreamy soundscape that can be enjoyed at any time during the day or night. Absolute banger from Toteles. I’m looking forward to more music!

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