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Empty Pillow – Tabi Kate | Sad Girl Pop

“Empty Pillow” by Tabi Kate sings a new take on the ever-popular trope of sad, wistful melancholy associated with being distanced from a loved one. Accompanied by her 3-piece band, Tabi’s music transcends the audience such that their minds dwell in the skies while their feet keep moving. Keep reading for my review of “Empty Pillow”, Tabi’s latest release.

The song starts off mellow, with a chill, the electronic vibe the instruments and the sound design– setting the stage gradually till the vocals take the lead, delivering lyrics that establish the theme quite early on in the song– which I think is a perfect thing for this kind of song; yet this happens without it sounding rushed, the rhythm leading you gently on to the sections to come next.

The melodic segments in the vocals sound well-articulated, with great harmonies that sound nicely layered together, which adds another dimensional element to the song, which I found enjoyable. The energy flows high and low gracefully in the song, with one continuous stream of energy with no abrupt breaks or jarring changes, which made “Empty Pillow” quite a pleasant listen.

The addition of the guitar solo in the ending parts of the song also made for an interesting element on top of the graceful and well-articulated instrumentation, and it left me humming the melody throughout my listening period or this song– a hallmark of good melodic writing.

“Empty Pillow” by Tabi Kate marks a fresh new take on the electronic pop genre made into what it is by people like The 1975, Halsey, to name a few– and Tabi Kate manages to carve out a promising spot for themselves with this release. Check out “Empty Pillow” by Tabi Kate here!

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