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Jessy - Pilgrimage | Soulful 
Jessy - Pilgrimage | Soulful 

Jessy – Pilgrimage | Soulful 

Jessy is an ardent contemporary Christian artist with a love for soulful tracks that stand out. She has always believed in creating tracks that not only fill up your soul but also give you a transcendental musical experience. Her latest track called pilgrimage is a song about love, emotion, experience, and spirituality. Whatever you may hear, once you listen to Jessy’s songs you know that it is Jessy’s song. And that’s her biggest strength of all. Pilgrimage is certainly no exception. 

Pilgrimage is a track that can be defined as soulful in one word. The first quality that you will notice about this track is how soothing and mellifluous it feels. What comes off as acoustic, should better be termed as instrumental ‘cause at first, you don’t realise the intricacies of the track. The track is infused with a wide array of emotions. Thanks to its instrumentality. You know how intricate the song is when you delve into its richness by listening to it at your own pace. Only when you listen to it attentively do you realise how intense it is and what Jessy is trying to portray all along. Through the depth and the richness, you find yourself falling for it all in no time. 

The lyrics add to the whole spiritual experience and leave you wanting for more. It is a must-listen for those who love soulful music. 

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