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Meghan Pulles | Anxiety | Contagious emo-positivity | Singer-songwriter
Meghan Pulles | Anxiety | Contagious emo-positivity | Singer-songwriter

Meghan Pulles – Anxiety | Contagious emo-positivity

There are artists that make music for the listener and there are artists that make music for themselves. Now, Meghan Pulles falls in both the categories. It seems as though she is pouring her emotions into the song, to help herself heal. At the same time, the listener is being influenced to do the same. A contagious virus that spreads as people listen to her music. Her style is so simple, it makes everyone feel like they can do it too. A very relatable and contagious singer that calls herself emo-positive!

Meghan Pulles has been writing songs since the age of 17! Not only that, she is a classically trained opera singer who has become a singer-songwriter. Her belief is that music heals and by sharing her pains and struggles through her music, she is empowering others to do the same. She sings on topics like mental health, grief and hope. Her music is somewhat indie folk/pop but she likes to consider herself ‘emo-positive’. Her objective is to make the world aware that they’re not alone in their problems and music can help heal the damage that the world has inflicted onto them.

‘Anxiety’ is such a simple and soothing track but has lyrics that can penetrate the coldest heart. You can hear Meghan’s emotion clearly in her music and this track is the epitome of that. Its as if she sits and whispers in our ears that its all going to be okay and that you’re not the only one. Like an older sister or mother caressing you while you’re broken and in pain. The ability to have that effect on listeners is nothing short of amazing. One of the few artists who is able to achieve what they actually set out to do with their music.

“Anxiety why do you bother me? I wish I could let you go. But it will take some time… I wont let you bring me down”

An amazing line from the song that shows how she approaches a topic. She battles her anxiety by singing and talking to it and weirdly it seems to work. Even for the listener that is. Amazing guitar work that gently takes the listener through the song while her vocals give it direction. ‘Simple yet amazing’. A work of art with a lot of depth and an artist with the caliber to become a universal healer!

Check out this amazing track and also the album art! Its nice to see album art that depicts the music so effectively.

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