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Lia Nxieta – Lived Long Enough
Lia Nxieta – Lived Long Enough

Lia Nxieta – Lived Long Enough | Breathtaking Breeze

Lived Long Enough is the latest fiery single by alternative pop and RnB singer-songwriter. Lia Nxieta had her musical release debut with the stirring pop single Fantasy in January 2021. Hailing from Bern and based in Zurich, Swiss artist Lia Nxieta started making music as a way to manage her anxiety. She performed extensively as the lead vocalist of psychedelic dream pop group Tristan & Dolores. She has collaborated with rapper singer Chris Karell and producer duo Wasabi on some successful projects.

The song has some well produced synthwork in the rhythm section with a tight beat. Starry sounding melodic and harmonies in the chordal structure of the production gives the song a mesmerizing feel. Low end which is well built and harmonically rich comping ensures an enigmatic and sensuous vibe. Lia’s stunning vocals combined with well done harmonies are the crowning center of this song cutting through the mix like a glad knife through a cake. Lyricism which is vivid and astounding musical interpretation create a consistent and submerging aura.

Lia Nxieta with her songwriting has powerful energy in its subdued outer layer. She combines the best of Ariana Grande and The Weeknd creating a dark but illuminating atmosphere in Lived Long Enough. The song has a hypnotic groove with potent emotional energy. Catchy melodies and harmonies combined with power vocals are a treat to listen to. Lia is able to channel her emotions into eloquent compositional expression. Live Long Enough is a soothing pop and RnB ballad that will transfix you.

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