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Luke Beling-The Light Is Coming
Luke Beling-The Light Is Coming
Luke Beling-The Light Is Coming

Luke Beling-The Light Is Coming (ft. Joseph Pennell) | In awe

Luke Beling sings fables entwined in experiences. His sound is a dead ringer for legendary songwriters like Paul Simon, Cat Stevens to name a few. Poems in flow, he creates a nook for every song and tale he tells us. Almost instantly transmitted to the scene and imagery he creates. This is his latest track, called The Light Is Coming.

This track also features Joseph Pennell, balancing the delicate filigree sonic experience that Luke Beling chooses to give us. Just like his popular track Pacific, you’re entranced within the moment that he sings about. The transitions are so easy to track, you’re singing along before you know it. The echoing piano notes are like footsteps, milestones of progress. As you reach the line “The painting in your room…”, you hear the subtle sound changing to create a dearth of sound, a microtonal vacuum. I urge you to listen to this song more than once, you’ll feel the heartbeat in each verse. The gentle fingerpicking remains your guiding light, just like this song. The percussion is the pulsing energy a song like this needs for the lyrics to be felt. The instrumental break becomes an introduction for the bridge, creating this full circle that vibrates with new life and meaning.

You can listen to more of his gorgeous songwriting and arrangements in his other singles as well. From The Way Back to Mzansi Afrika, you can almost feel the lucid dreaming. Understanding his music is as easy as it is experiential. You can follow him to be up to date with his releases. Listen to his brilliant single here:

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