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Jeffrey Chan – Surreal
Jeffrey Chan – Surreal

Jeffrey Chan – Surreal | Swag Mint

Jeffrey Chan’s latest single, “Surreal,” is a captivating blend of classic acoustic guitar riffs, wah-drenched synths, and sensuous, solid baritone vocals from Jeffrey himself. The acoustic guitar has a classical flavour to it and forms the recurring riff throughout the track, while the wah-drenched synths provide a pleasing low range to the song and a well-arranged sonic space. Adding to this, the bass and rhythm enter to complete the arrangement and provide a dynamic and powerful accompaniment.

All these elements combine to create a pleasant and romantic pop song, with great use of space and dynamics throughout. Jeffrey’s baritone vocals are especially strong, and the song has a pleasurable, uplifting feel to it. It is a track that will have you singing along in no time.

The track is truly a work of art, and a testament to Jeffrey Chan’s musical talents. The acoustic guitar licks is captivating and provides a unique and beautiful sound, while the wah-drenched synths provide a rich, low range which adds an extra layer of depth to the track. The bass and rhythm enter in to complement the arrangement, and provide a dynamic and powerful accompaniment. Additionally, Jeffrey’s baritone vocals are strong yet soothing, and provide a pleasant and uplifting feel to the song.

Jeffrey Chan’s “Surreal” is an enjoyable and well-crafted pop song, with a classic acoustic guitar riff and wah-drenched synths providing a unique and captivating sound. The sensuous, solid baritone vocals, combined with the well-arranged use of space and dynamics, make this a truly enjoyable track to listen to. Highly recommended.

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