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Jesse Grossi | Outcast | Anthem of Nostalgia
Jesse Grossi | Outcast | Anthem of Nostalgia

Jesse Grossi – Outcast | Anthem of Nostalgia

Jesse Grossi has the most straightforward yet interesting music that I have heard in a long time. It isn’t a single that makes you question the genre. You know for a fact what you are going to get from their music. Jesse’s music is just bleeding with nostalgia and this track especially takes me back to bus rides to school.

California based Jesse Grossi has just released his latest single ‘Outcast’. Jesse is a singer songwriter who seems to have taken a time machine from the 90s and landed into the 21st century. For some reason instead of finding a way back he realized it makes more sense for him to release his music in today’s world! A brilliant idea and maybe a really good concept for a TV show.

‘Outcast’ is a tribute to classic Californian rock ‘n’ roll with just always lifts up your mood. The guitar work is just brilliant and the riffs just stay in your head even after the song ends. The introduction to the song is itself very powerful with a nice beat on the drums and a bass guitar that is just pounding in the back. A really catchy song that makes your revel in your nostalgia while blasting this anthem of a track on the way to school.

The vocals are brilliant and makes me just want to scream with him. He makes it so easy that the listener feels they can also sound the same. This is the kind of music you sing along with shamelessly! It is what i would describe as an anthem for nostalgia.

Give it a listen and I’m sure you’ll be singing along as well!

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