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Anniballi Davide -Freedom
Anniballi Davide -Freedom
Anniballi Davide -Freedom

Anniballi Davide -Freedom | Piano Surf

It’s a beautiful sentiment that life inspires music and vice versa. Any artist knows it to be true, and some have this as their only form of truth. Anniballi Davide is one of the latter. His latest album is a double A side track list called Freedom. It comprises of the title track and Un bel giorno. They are instrumentals, primarily having the foundational hive of the piano and strings on occasion.

His 2021 EP Serenity was a magical combination of instrumentals that put all feelings in a state of flux. They can be for relaxing, to calm your mind and even sustain emotion. His tracks are a powerful ripple that know when to return to the sense of calm. The epicenter is this flow of thought that is linear, yet takes this garland of movements-taking you on a journey hop-scotching through the ivories as his fingers are your guide.

The black and white of the keys

If Freedom is the track that solidifies your state of mind to serenity, un bel giorno takes a different approach. The minor scale movement with string highlights on certain notes push for a much more emotional festival. This track concocts through Anniballi Davide a strange mix of emotional distress and joy. Like water and dyed oil, they look spectacular and remind me of the theme of La La Land as well. If this is the track that counterbalances the emotion of Freedom, then the artist has succeeded surely.

Red Wine A Maurizia is his latest expedition. You can see how the complexity has been masked when necessary. The primary narrative is controlled by the driving emotion-which is why his piano speaks the immortal language of moments. Anniballi Davide knows that he must make the most of the moments that define the tenacity of the song, and he orchestrates it perfectly.

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