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Red Skies Mourning – In The Moment | Excellent Vibe

Chris Aleshire, as ‘Red Skies Mourning,’ a solo artist and multi-instrumentalist, has recently released his new song ‘In The Moment‘.  The song is a pleasure to listen to and groove to. The track’s tone is genuinely established by the freshness of the production, which flawlessly blends with the energetic composition. The tones are highly ear pleasant, making us feel great while listening to the music. The composition beautifully conveyed compassion for the other person with such finesse. This greatly improves the song’s ability to reach a wide range of listeners. Furthermore, the vocal rendition is excellent, bringing forth the necessary feelings of the writing. The performance has a lot of clarity, so we can truly follow the thoughts while becoming involved.

I truly enjoyed the guitar chugs, which are even processed so nicely that they immediately set the tone. The groove develops in you as well. Indeed, the tones of the kick and snare struck the spirits with such enthusiasm. The production is quite exciting. The transitions between segments are really fluid and seamless, which lends a lot of consistency to the overall atmosphere. In terms of the totality of the spectrum, I also appreciated how verses are separated from the portions up to the chorus and finally the chorus. There is a silky crescendo that is really fantastic. I am convinced the music would be acclaimed for its ear-pleasing tones and lyricism, both of which would greatly resonate with many of us.

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