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UncleBoy – SO SO BAD | Appealing Sound Palette

Tom Campbell, popularly known as UncleBoy, a writer and producer located in Bristol, UK, has released his new song ‘SO SO BAD‘. The song features a lot of funky components that keep the ambiance moving. The combination of bass and drums makes the music interesting for the listeners. The layers also give the music the required bounce so that we can all groove to it together. The writing generates such fantastic ideas that are really complicated in nature and tough to express in words. However, the song does a fantastic job of capturing these complex ideas. In the context of the song, the responses that appear to be vocal arrangements are such a beautiful idea, and they truly give a character to the central voice.

Another important part in the arrangement that is basically generating the song’s atmosphere is the song’s tempo. The steady, relaxing tone provided a great touch to the ambience. The synthetic sustained textures are quite enticing and play an important role in the arrangement. Despite the fact that numerous layers are active at the same time, there is no clutter in any area of the song. Transitional elements are another feature that has a significant influence. The pulsing ducking of the textures gives the music a lot of movement. The atmosphere is enticing enough to keep you going all the way through. I really appreciate the sound design. Despite the fact that they sound fragmented, finding a way to make them all sound cohesive is astounding.

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