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Jodi Heights – The Iceberg | Introspective

Jodi Heights, a Boston-based singer-songwriter, has just released a new song called “The Iceberg“.  The song serves as a timely reminder to reconsider our priorities. The writing makes such important observations that we are compelled to reflect and ponder about these glimpses of truth. The writing is straightforward and honest, and it incorporates real-world ideas. As a result, the song is extremely relevant to the contemporary era. I adored how she used such a pleasant melody to successfully communicate the song’s message. With repeated hearing, the song has the potential to become truly memorable. The chorus would play over and over in our heads. Her voice texture also contributes to the song’s distinctive appeal.

The arrangement also does a fantastic job of supporting the progression and composition. The enticing tones of the Piano and Guitar would have a significant influence in establishing the song’s mood. The guitar swells, which are so lovely and in time with the singing, were my favourite part. The vocal delivery also keeps us engaged throughout the song. The texture itself has a certain allure that will pique your interest as soon as the vocal is presented. The modest Pad in conjunction with the Bass truly maintains the lows stable. Furthermore, the drum sounds incredible, having total control over the transitions and changes it introduces in the chorus. The pulse remains constant throughout. The drum kit has a great tone that goes perfectly with the tune.

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