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Scarlet Mill – Port Henry | Dreamwave Glam Rock

In 2020, musician duo Scarlet Mill released a vibrant 7-track album called Chronicles. This debut album, termed a “murder ballad” by the artists, shared an intense story of love and hate through a unique mix of dream-wave, Americana and French chanson music. Scarlet Mill’s latest single “Port Henry” is their first release of the year, and it showcases a blend of classic psychedelic rock and modern dreamwave exquisitely. With a pulsating groove, rich synth tones, guitars and a colourful array of vocals, Scarlet Mill’s latest release is an excellent addition to their discography, and to your playlists!

Gritty guitars play along with a bright church organs to start off “Port Henry”. The track has a dark and spooky sound to it from the beginning itself, with the deep and slightly distorted vocals playing in the centre of the mix. In their song, artists Jennifer and Erik recount a terrifying experience they had when they almost lost their boat at Port Henry. Jennifer’s vocal performance sounds quite soothing, in contrast to Erik’s somewhat haunting vocal tone here; really liked how they’re accompanied by the energetic instrumentation throughout!

As the track progresses, the duo keeps listeners engaged with dynamic transitions and exciting instrumental melodies. The dark textures created by the instrumentation define Scarlett Mill’s eccentric sound brilliantly on this track. Now that one track has been released from their upcoming album, I’m sure fans are eager to hear what else is on the way!

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