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Gomunkul 6 – Six on My Face | Transfixing

Gomunkul 6, otherwise known as Ostap Partyka or just Six, was born in Orlando, Florida, and has roots in Poland and Ukraine. He was given the title owing to a tattoo on his face. He spent his teenage years playing video games and listening to heavy bands and musicians like Metallica and Notre Dame de Paris. Gomunkul 6 tries to channel his grief and confusion into his songs despite suffering from psychological illnesses and hardship. In search of his ultimate sense of purpose, he tattoos the number six on his right cheek and adopts the moniker Gomunkul 6.

Gomunkul 6 is a musician who derives inspiration from many genres such as cyberpunk, power metal, hip-hop music, anime, and manga. However, this young artist certainly has his own taste, which is both distinct and appealing to everyone.

The rapper kicks off his dark, untamed style techniques in a creative and cryptic manner with his new single ‘Six on My Face.’ He performs along with the song’s theme of darkness putting forth a very intense beat. The song uses a mixture of acoustic violin sounds alongside a deep Bass kick to create an atmospheric backing for the rapper’s voice as he strays back and forth between rapping freely along to the instrumental beats accompanied by occasional shouts of ‘Six on My Face.’ The song definitely leaves a very mysterious yet entrancing vibe for the listeners.

Enjoy listening to ‘Six on my face’ here.

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