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Jóviky-Proud of Me
Jóviky-Proud of Me
Jóviky-Proud of Me

Jóviky-Proud of Me | Razors edge

Jóviky loves many genres, and this is something his music shows. Not only blending tradition of other genres with the one he performs in, he pays respect to them by tipping his hat. His latest single is called Proud of Me, an emotional number that relies on his capabilities as a songsmith.

Feeling Is and Visine are Jóviky’s biggest hits. They stream on Spotify the most because of the ridiculously addictive mixture of overlapping melodies, careful beat curation and effort taken to relay a story. Proud of Me is no different, though it sees him switching gears. The track has a beautiful piano intro that would commonly be an electronically whitewashed item. Here he allows the chorus and track to sell by its own virtue, and that is why he makes the fold.

You don’t know much about his life, but he’ll tell you. The way he always wanted you to know. Each of his singles dips into another phase of his life he navigates with care and precision. His lyrics cut and bleed. They heal. Expression is another form of resolve for Jóviky. No reason to not claim the mantle you raised.

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