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Zenta Sato-R U Happy?
Zenta Sato-R U Happy?
Zenta Sato-R U Happy?

Zenta Sato-R U Happy? | No borders please

Zenta Sato. Say the name several times and make sure you remember it. This is going to be a name synonymous with immense amounts of talent. It already is, I’ve just been living under a massive rock that is mainstream culture. R U Happy? is his first single this year, and is one of the most exciting tracks I’ve heard. Let’s get into it.

Releasing Views from 13th Floor East this year, this is Zenta Sato’s first single release this year. Let me break down why this man is brilliant. With 14 incredible songs in his last album, he is on the path to create more. Create more songs, in a language that is not his primary language for communication. Yet, he drives home the message clearer than a pretentious writer such as myself.

Now that we have appreciated the creativity, we now reach ability. After Flea’s incredible job on the new RHCP album, this is some of the best bass I’ve heard on any indie artists song. Balanced with care, all of the instruments are layered with respect to their Cartesian point in time. This is a man who is a treasure, for Tokyo and all us indie music lovers. Focus on the message and those instrumentals together if you can. Near impossible to identify the hybrid.

Listen to the brilliant single here:

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