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Michael Barrow & The Tourists- Tell me How to Get to You
Michael Barrow & The Tourists- Tell me How to Get to You
Michael Barrow & The Tourists- Tell me How to Get to You

Michael Barrow & The Tourists- Tell Me How to Get to You | Indie-Pop

It’s important to keep it fresh making new music, even if it isn’t a popular genre. What you need to do is tune into Michael Barrow & The Tourists from Provo, Utah- because their song just asks you to stay where you are and not change. They’ll get to you.

Tell Me How to Get to You employs an 80’s style muted guitar chug with an accompanying whistle- setting a playful tone to the song. MBTT relook at the genre of indie pop, mixing it up with fresh solos and a great rhythm section. Reed Perkins keeps a steady, catchy groove whilst Michael Barrow croons for attention.

Imagine the girl of your dreams. There she was, way above, on a pedestal that you put her on. Every flourish, every smile, every laugh of hers makes you fall for her even more. The problem is, she is there & you’re here. Tell Me How to Get to You just condensed that fawning version of you into a flagrant, dramatized band frontman with a 20 member dance crew behind you.

I would be remiss not to mention great album artwork. The clover remains a recurring common theme for their singles, with titles written in an untidy, handwritten font. Hear this, and you know why their 2020 single Sweet Honey was such a massive success. It’s definite now that they aren’t one hit wonders. Scott Wiley’s great production work has led to a rich, full sound with great highs and mids. MBTT are obviously keeping their global fanbase hooked with the “Clover” theme of songs.

Now that I’m done writing a review for a song that practically wrote for itself, its time to chase the irrational crush that I have on a social media personality. Only difference, I have Tell Me How to Get to You in my arsenal.

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