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The Breakdown - Summer Song | Crisp and Refreshing 
The Breakdown - Summer Song | Crisp and Refreshing 

The Breakdown – Summer Song | Crisp and Refreshing 

The Breakdown, a band of talented mega-talented artists, are back with their stunning single; Summer Song. With freshness like that of summer, Summer Song makes for a must-listen if you want to freshen up your summer even further. 

Summer Song feels exactly this; a song about summer, a song of love and newly sprang aspirations that begin to bloom in all its glory. Even if the themes are not all merry, the beats, the tunes, the vocals, everything together make it a very uplifting listen. You would love how the track makes you feel joyful yet soft. And this poignant combination is never a bad one, is it?

What you will also love, is how well each part, each element, each tune, has been perfectly intertwined together, to create something ethereal. The beauty of this track is something you would explore slowly because not everything is perceivable the first time you listen to it. The real goodness is revealed by listening to it multiple times and paying heed to the finest of nuances. The vocals too are amazing. As the lyrics are simple yet soul-stirring, they perfectly complement the whole vibe of this track. 

Summer Song is a rock number. It has vivid joviality to it, that will uplift you almost suddenly. You should definitely give this track a listen if you are into rock music. It deserves a listen, and definitely deserves to be in your happy, uplifting playlists. 

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