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The Ultra Violets SEX
The Ultra Violets SEX
The Ultra Violets SEX

The Ultra Violets’ Infectious Indie Pop Rock: A Fresh Take with “SEX”

The Ultra Violets, a talented indie pop rock band hailing from Cornwall, have made a triumphant return with their latest single, “SEX,” after a two-year hiatus. With an upbeat and infectious sound reminiscent of The Lumineers, this track is bound to leave you bobbing your head and humming along to its joyous vibe.

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One of the standout features of “SEX” is its prominent bass line, which adds a groovy foundation to the song. Combined with Perran Nicholls’ melodic vocals, Marc Willoughby’s guitar riffs, Stuart Morrell’s keys, Adam Knuckey’s bass guitar, and Tyler Harris’ energetic drums, the track exudes a fresh and sunny sound that is impossible to resist. But beyond its catchy melody and energetic instrumentation, “SEX” also tackles a subject rarely addressed in mainstream music. The Ultra Violets approach the topic of erectile dysfunction with humor and empathy. Perran Nicholls’ poignant lyrics shed light on a subject that is often shrouded in silence, expressing solidarity with those who struggle and assuring them that they are not alone.

The Ultra Violets’ honesty and willingness to explore such a sensitive topic in a lighthearted way make “SEX” an incredibly refreshing and important song. It not only gets your feet tapping but also encourages open conversations about a subject that is often stigmatized.

With its catchy hooks and infectious energy, “SEX” shows The Ultra Violets’ artistic creativity and ability to deliver a memorable song. It’s a perfect blend of feel-good indie pop rock and a message of acceptance and understanding. So, go ahead and embrace the groove of “SEX” and join The Ultra Violets in breaking the silence.

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