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The Heavy North-Awake
The Heavy North-Awake
The Heavy North-Awake

The Heavy North-Awake | Blues-Extraordinaire

The Heavy North have chosen the right direction with respect to music. They revive the crunchy, warm notes of the blues with rock penchant and vigor, the synths like Tedeschi-Trucks working only to accentuate the magic they so clearly have. Their new single is Awake, and is the daily dose of caffeine you need with all of the addiction.

Like I mentioned a paragraph earlier, Awake is what you get if you niche operatic brilliance with the trusty sound of the blues. It will never escape you, it was never meant to. You hardly realize the sound going by, because the sound just flies in and out. Following the chorus closely with the verse, it all sounds like one unit, the vocals of a young B.B King, personified with some individual touches.

From their earlier swing number this year, Darkness in your Eyes, Awake is the same spectrum of blues but a whole other emotion in play. It’s a fun tune and keeps you in check with a powerful blues harmonic that cannot be ignored. The highlight is the merging of the synths and jazz organ sounds, with the occasional licks that some say are necessary for the improvisational feel that the blues bring.

The Heavy North are on tour right now, so catch them on the road if you’re lucky. They will have some tricks up their sleeve for live shows, and that can be said after hearing any of their songs on record.

Until then, stay awake with this incredible blues bath:

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