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Roxercat - Pearls | Refreshing 
Roxercat - Pearls | Refreshing 

Roxercat – Pearls | Refreshing 

Roxercat is an ardent singer and songwriter who has made a debut with a very special song called Pearls. 

Pearls is a track with euphoric elements to cheer you up on any dull day. You would find this track to be quite surprising because it has a unique feel to it. Even though at many instances you feel like it gives off retro vibes, in other instances, you realize it is just as contemporary as it is retro. You would fall in love with the little guitar riffs here and there that give a huge edge to the track and gives it a classic rock feel. The great beats kick in to make it more uplifting and worthwhile. The song begins with an interesting and hopeful lyric tinted with a feeling of helplessness at the same time. It is a song with amazing lyrics and you would want to pay heed to the lyrics a little more every time you listen to it because they tell a different story each time. Another great thing about the track is its laid-back vibe. The song has a certain upbeatness and a tint of merry to it but it’s all wrapped up beautifully in laid-back soundscapes that do the work of delivering the message even better. 

With amazing vocals, the lyrics get to come to life in a beautiful manner. With great soundscapes, a perfect pace, and soothing, refreshing musicality, Pearls makes for a great track and a must listen!

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