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lyra star- scars
lyra star- scars

Echoes of Emotion: Lyra Star’s Transcendent Offering in ‘Scars’ EP

Indulge in the enchanting world of Lyra Star, a singer-songwriter and captivating contortionist, whose presence leaves a trail of wonder in her wake. Hailing from the vibrant city of Nashville, this independent and yoga-loving dreamer spread her wings and ventured to the mesmerizing West Coast, where her artistic spirit soared to new heights. Since her arrival in Los Angeles in 2018, Lyra has mesmerized audiences with her self-taught contortionist skills, captivating the performing arts scene with her mesmerizing performances. Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries like Imogen Heap and Tori Amos, Star fearlessly follows her inner voice, crafting extraordinary compositions that showcase her boundless imagination and artistic flair.

Lyra’s latest musical gem unveils itself with a self-titled track, “Scars,” gracefully opening the gateway to an ethereal realm.

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Like a gentle caress to the soul, this dreamy composition tugs at the heartstrings with its poignant melodies and impassioned lyrics. The song has sadness and also conveys there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The music, the lyrics and such beautifully powerful vocals all come together to create a strong stirring performance, setting the stage for an EP that promises an extraordinary journey through the depths of human experience.

The EP’s second track is “Rise.” I was swept away by this passionate tune that enchanted me with its dreamy embrace. A mystical mood emerges from the opening notes. The chorus is filled with refined vocals that echo with a depth that touches the heart.

A hint of melancholy stays in her voice at first, but as the song proceeds, a dramatic shift unfolds. Bright beats and upbeat turns fill the air, conveying a strong message of perseverance. A choir of voices rises among the harmonics singing “We will rise,” reminding you that, like the phoenix, you, too, can rise from the ashes and fly to new heights.

The next song is “Silence.” The sheer vocal talent on display in this stunning composition is evident and admirable. It captivated me with honest emotion and astounding range. As the song progresses, you are presented with a tapestry of hypnotic synth work and intriguing sounds that entice you into a realm of intrigue. The composition progressively ascends with each passing moment, bringing subtle yet fascinating layers of new elements.

The EP by Lyra Star concludes delicately with the soul-stirring classic “True Love Awaits.” A mystery pervades the music from the first notes, accompanied by haunting heartbeats and mystical wind elements. A profound sense of melancholy pours over the listener as Lyra softly implores, “Just don’t leave,” bringing a poignant longing.

Lyra’s tranquil and dreamy vocals ooze with emotions, guiding the listener through the depths of her heartfelt articulation. The dominant bassline gives the music a vibrating pulse, anchoring it with depth and resonance. As the song progresses, subtle keys dance into the arrangement.

Lyra’s talent shines brightly once more when the chorus arrives. Her choir experience is flawlessly portrayed on the EP. The variations on the line, “Don’t leave,” reverberate vulnerability, wonderfully supported by the bassline that reflects the raw emotion imparted.

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Enjoy listening to Scars by Lyra Star here.

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