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Ryan Fischer-Commercials for Heaven
Ryan Fischer-Commercials for Heaven
Ryan Fischer-Commercials for Heaven

Ryan Fischer-Commercials for Heaven | Blessed Joyride

With a new indie artist, its something new you’re searching for. Usually the personality they reflect, a unique music style and sometimes the genres they explore. Ryan Fischer has a little bit of all these things, evident from his new album Commercials for Heaven.

Have you ever thought of heaven & hell?

Chanting about the different wars people have going on inside them, Ryan Fischer starts off the album with Private Warfare. It is a soft jingle with a steady beat, almost carrying a Christmas mirth to it. Acknowledging the demons we all battle silently, Fischer makes it a point to not make it a depressing churn out, but a catchy chorus that you’ll remember for being a steady friend.

Channeling the Paul Anka vibe of the 60’s, the next track is called Good Morning, Early Warning. The synth melodies ripple through the 70’s and for someone who loves the oldies, this song was a highlight for me. The barely audible electric guitar floats gently above in certain spaces, instead of starkly demanding attention.

The title track is a Simon & Garfunkel style quick number. The lyrics preach about the affliction of excess that is being advertised, and Fischer is tired of the predetermined action-future determinism. It’s a smooth track which has heavier undertones, electric guitar aiding the chorus section. The quick drums make it a catchy number, and Fischer knows how to make a profound topic easy to follow.

Change the pace, if that’s the case

Dropping the pace for the fourth number, Something Digital ironically is an explicit display of the power of live instruments. Each element, from the acoustic guitar to the pianos gently serenading in the background create a rich backdrop for Fischer to make his voice and verses understood. Surreal tones used with simplicity.

With Blur’s Song #2 pace, About the Future allows Fischer to sit in his time machine again and jump to another era of 90’s alt rock. It’s a fun number that has its minimal moments and puts his vocals and the depth of the lyrics into perspective. Catchy chorus makes this song an unforgettable, especially with the harmonics sounding like QOTSA. Simple guitar work makes it worth looping on repeat, though the verse chord structure sounded off the first time. Damn you, mainstream music.

Acoustic vibes only with I Forget, another song that sees him baring his soul. It is simple, put across like Train or Bob Dylan. I know we can’t compare the one hit wonder and the storyteller legend, but this is spur of the moment. It makes it a hook worth remembering, the texture of the fingerpicking just enough to follow a rhythm.

Jumping decades with music style

The 80’s sad melancholy rock vibe is sustained with Loved by You. Fischer makes it a Petty style number, with gritty lyrics and the surrealism of love. The song changes pace in between, making it a dynamic drive-with his soft vocals singing about heartbreak.

You’re so Sad after he’s been so sad? Yes, perspective please. This is a quicker number, probably because of the viewer effect. The song’s tempo makes it a bopping number, with the chorus a jump and leap with all the frills you would expect. Sweet short blues solos as well. Minimal and nice enough to sit comfortably within the album.

Experimenting tonal quality

The synth sound in the next song reminded me of JPJ’s sound in No Quarter, Zeppelin’s masterpiece work. He has somehow nailed that sound and I was instantly transported to the first time I heard the number. Comes & Goes has the pace of Mayer’s melancholy and Ryan Fischer makes his mark with his sadness as well-sharing his grief with his song quality and subversive lyrics.

Probably the most profound track name in the album, Reality is on Me is a brilliant closer for a fantastic album. It showcases Fischer’s song quality, tonal recognition and composition skill varying from decade to decade. The title itself is a truth, decided be an individual itself (unless you’re a fatalist) and uses the space to deliver some great guitar work along with his signature vocals. It is a divine intervention for what would be commercials for heaven.

Listen to the decade spanning, genre mashing album here:

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