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“Our Love’s With You” by Rusty Reid: A slow, heartfelt ballad of love

Rusty Reid is a singer-songwriter from Houston, Los Angeles, and Seattle who writes melodic, guitar-driven pop-country-rock songs with modern liberal intellectual, political, and spiritual themes. On his latest single, “Our Love’s With You”, he delivers a soulful number filled with melody and beautiful instrumentation. Keep reading for my thoughts!

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The sing has this delightfully mellow, low-energy vibe to it that comes off as pleasant and easy to listen to. There are no loud drums, no screaming guitars here– just serene harmonies, and gentle instrument licks that complement the lyrics and the vocal delivery quite effortlessly. The song starts gentle and remains gentle throughout the duration of the song, and there is this variance in instrumentation and the styles adopted in playing them, that I quite liked and appreciated.

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The production and mix on this song shine in being able to highlight the various elements at play in this song, with each instrument and element getting its own dedicated space to exist, with them all coming together to create a soothing, cohesive sound that I came to quite appreciate.

With “Our Love’s With You”, Rusty Reid puts out a soulful, cheery number that talks about love, and all the beautiful things in life that happen as a result. Check out the song here!

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