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Glenn Valles - Looking Up To Heaven
Glenn Valles - Looking Up To Heaven

Glenn Valles – Looking Up To Heaven

Glenn Valles has the keen ability to make people see with their ears and feel with their souls. It is the best way to describe this singer-songwriter who uses poetic imagery to flavor his spirited compositions. His musical versatility allows him to expand his expression across various genres from rock, country, and pop to rap, reggae, hip-hop, and blues. In his brand new single, Looking Up To Heaven, Glenn Valles renders an acoustic showcase that reveals the magnanimity of faith and love. 

The song is strung together with dainty acoustic piano melodies. Its sparkling flutter carries the swelling emotion in the vocals. And as the lyrics flash with the frames of a life lived, we unlock a profound layer of sentiment that moves us with its tenderness and grace. The minimalist canvas thrives under the influence of deep emotions. By the end of the song, it has us keeling over with gratitude and the wonder of love. 

Glenn has several accolades to his name. He has won several International Songwriting Awards across the globe including, USA, UK, Ireland, and Australia. His latest achievement being this very song; The artist won the UK Songwriting Contest in January 2023 for it. 

The track is available on YouTube Music! 

You can listen to Looking Up To Heaven by Glenn Valles here – 

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