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Eva Westphal - Understood | Soulful 
Eva Westphal - Understood | Soulful 

Eva Westphal – Understood | Soulful 

Eva Westphal, a singer, and songwriter based in New York City is a classically trained musician but has recently found an inclination toward pop music. Seeking inspiration from the legendary artists Stevie Nicks, Brandi Carlile, and Taylor Swift, her music feels so wholesome because it carries bits and fragments of various styles yet is something completely fresh and unique. Her music has an ethereal, calming quality that makes it so worthwhile for her listeners. 

Her recent release is a song called Understood, a gorgeous song that evokes so many emotions but above all, a calming, soothing reverberation that leaves you feeling refreshed. The song has beautiful melodious soundscapes that are meant to make you feel at ease with who you are as an individual. The lyrics are deeply moving and explore vulnerability at its finest. With many brilliant and nuanced motifs in the track, you will end up falling in love with this song. 

The song begins with a beautiful melody and Westphal makes sure to elevate the energy thereon with her stunning vocals. Nuanced and intricate vocalization adds a lot of depth to the song and makes it worthwhile. What’s so special about this song you ask, I will say it’s the soulful, tender quality that’s hard to find in the song these days. The artistic depth of the song comes from its staggeringly moving lyrics and magnificent soundscapes that together form a beautiful composition. It is hard not to fall in love with the display of sheer ingenuity in this song!

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