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Flaming June - Paralyse Me Where I Stand
Flaming June - Paralyse Me Where I Stand

Flaming June – Paralyse Me Where I Stand | Progressive

Flaming June is an intense, indie-folk band from the UK. They use particularly interesting grooves that keep you extremely attentive to the music. The band has been played on BBC Radio 6 by Tom Robinson and have even received the FATEA award.

Paralyse Me Where I Stand is a brilliantly written song that starts off like a Tool song, but smoothly transitions into a progressive rock/indie-folk song. A track that has me bopping as hard as I did when I heard The Powerpuff Girls theme, Paralyse Me Where I Stand sounds like it belongs in the soundtrack for a new superhero. I would not be surprised to hear this track on a Sam Raimi film (fingers crossed on Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness). Flaming June have created a track that I will most definitely be listening to for the next few weeks (at least!).

The track has such a progressive feel to it, with the bass playing some hard riffs, followed by some strong kicks and snare hits, but the vocals cut through so cleanly accompanied by a brilliant harmony. Flaming June definitely deserves a lot of credit for this track. The lyrics are indeed typical of a superhero track. Do yourself a favour and listen to the track right now!

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