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steve sperry -“then and now and now is then”
steve sperry -“then and now and now is then”

Step into the Retro-Futuristic World of Steve Sperry’s ‘Then and Now and Now is Then’

Presenting Steve Sperry, a brilliant artist who understands the power of creativity and self-expression. Steve has brought forth “Art Therapy, Pt. 1” and “Art Therapy, Pt. 2” – engaging musical creations spawned from his encounter in the dynamic city of Philadelphia – in a delightful collaboration with vidpoet. Steve Sperry, the independent artist, represents an attitude of resilience, having conquered multiple challenges in his artistic career. His genuine melodies ring true, hitting the center of our being.

Steve Sperry has released a new album, “Then and Now and Now is Then,” with 7 songs. The album starts with “Flying Under the Ben Franklin.” It simply transports you to the vibrant disco era while smoothly integrating elements of EDM. It makes you feel as though you’re traveling through space on a spaceship. This track serves as an excellent opener, setting the tone for the musical gems that follow. The song presents an excellent combination of buzzing synth arrangements, immaculate percussion, and an overall carefree vibe that will sweep you off your feet.

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In “The Moon Room,” the synths take center stage once more, emitting a bright and whimsical vibe. The bassline easily complements the overall ambiance, uncovering an excellent balance between elegance and groove. This music is full of delightful surprises, adding an intriguing layer that I found incredibly captivating.

“Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” undergoes a significant musical shift. This track takes an unexpected u-turn, diving headfirst into the world of proper Electronica. It has a dark and eerie vibe. It is an excellent choice for your next nightclub playlist. The eerie echoing sound effects paired with such a crisp bassline just woo me away!  The real highlight, though, comes at 1:53 when the beat drops, developing a lasting impact. As you succumb to the rhythm, time seems to fly by, with seven minutes passing in a blur of movement and excitement.

“X Marks the Spot,” in collaboration with vidpoet is a true banger! The roaring bassline will have you bobbing your head in time from the first note. The thrill is apparent, creating an infectious ambiance that is impossible to resist. Subtle ambient vocals swirl through the music, creating a psychedelic quality that enhances the overall experience.  You’ll get hooked in no time and can’t stop at one play.

“Needs and Wants” continues the Electronica thrills, although at a slightly slower pace. It carries the essence of the previous song, establishing a sense of continuity. The robotic kind of vocal effects is used throughout the song, giving a mysterious depth to the song. As the synth takes the front stage, its irresistible hooks and rich layers draw you in. The vocals are presented with so many surprises. The mix of all of these elements in “Needs and Wants” is an indicator of its outstanding production and will certainly wow you.

“I’m Curious If You Can Tell Me What It Looks Like I’m Doing If You Have A Second” by Steve Sperry is an earworm you can’t resist! This song combines classic synths, vibrant beats, and one-of-a-kind sound elements. The robotic vocals give an appealing touch to the music. You won’t be able to stop tapping your feet and snapping your fingers to its crisp rhythm. The song has a catchy vibe that perfectly mixes elements from old-school thrillers with modern dance vibes. Another masterpiece from the album!

“Million Dollar Scratchie” demonstrates the album’s diverse harmonies. The pulsating synths and repetitive haunting vocal samples grow progressively. It then ends in happy synth melodies that get better and better during the climax. It’s like a gentle acceleration, dragging you in slowly. The eerie voices dominate the track. The ambiance briefly brightens around halfway, as if emerging from introspection, before returning to its mysterious vibes. The song is full of unexpected surprises that keep you hooked.

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Enjoy listening to “Then and Now and Now is Then” by Steve Sperry here.

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