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The Wanton String Band-Deb's
The Wanton String Band-Deb's
The Wanton String Band-Deb's

The Wanton String Band-Deb’s | An elysian dream

There are plenty of bands that feature strings that have been blown out of proportion. What they do is covers with another instrument, and people dig their heads into concrete. The Wanton String Band is the real deal for more reason than one. The first one is Deb’s, their debut single. Let’s see why this ranks highest among string bands I’ve heard in a decade.

There is nothing to oversell here, the product is as perceived. As the strings bleed in, showing their character, the beats come in, supporting a narrator with imagery. It isn’t that they’re playing too much too fast, your brain needs to be picking apart the stringed instruments that come in as a barrage of pleasurable sound. Are they doing their best? Performance and composition wise, I’d say yes. The track builds like no other, having bridge and breakdown sections that are sensitive yet tantalizing. It is a mixture that is hard to master, and even harder to muster.

The Wanton String Band are onto what can be experienced as a psychedelic, hedonistic perception of music. These magical instruments have to be utilized to their full potential, and this is the band to do it. The interplay is worth listening to, and I wish to witness this once. For now, they create a divine dance in my dreams.

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