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showalter-With My Companion
showalter-With My Companion
showalter-With My Companion

showalter evokes currents of emotion with his latest single, “With My Companion”

An artist like showalter is hard to come by. Not by style, but by how the style is approached, making it his own. The Charlotte, NC musician has a range of influences, yet draws what speaks to him the most. In many ways, you’ll hear it speaking to you as well. The latest single is a walk by the ocean, With My Companion

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Walking hand in hand

The ambient setting makes a massive difference for the song. The Manchester Orchestra influences are simple, a borrowing of setting. As you sit, travel, walk or listen to this however-he transports you to the ambience. When the chords bleed in, the lyrics become apparent. Like sea salt in the ocean breeze, you feel the emotion behind what he sings about. The percussion isn’t part of the blend-and that is how it should be. It makes the message stark, real and the performance raw. showalter creates something evocative without the drama, while condensing all of it within his powerful writing. Choose any emo folk artist that has a strong footing, he exudes all the qualities the songs require. Using eerie synths when necessary aid to the underlying emotion, something this artist is now a master of executing.

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You can hear him in countless Spotify playlists, as well as his other singles. They are a slice of the new songwriting style, especially Golden Boy, Where Are We Going?. His 2020 EP There’s Something in the Water has to be heard as the fantastic tale it is. Listen to his single here and follow him for more:

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