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Jonny Ong-A Moment of Sunshine
Jonny Ong-A Moment of Sunshine
Jonny Ong-A Moment of Sunshine

Jonny Ong shows you memorable melodies with his latest, “A Moment of Sunshine”

Jonny Ong shouldn’t be asked for a song, he’ll give you an entire epic. A multi-instrumentalist and musician with an immense palette, there’s no predicting where his music will go. With his latest single, he pans out his interests even more-ad we’re excited. This is his latest single, A Moment of Sunshine. 

There is no true personification for that perfect warm ray of sunshine that hits you on a winter day. Now there is, with Jonny Ong and his brilliant song. Though that rhyme was easy to make, Jonny makes it make like a nursery rhyme that gets etched in your head. The chord changes are simple, instruments are clean and upfront, and his lyrical approach is straight and neat. You can hear entire venues singing along to his beautiful track.

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When the chorus falls in, the layered harmonics provide a bird’s eye view to the whole single. This is how a simple, well crafted track is written with relative ease. Relative, because you don’t share the talent Jonny Ong does. You’ll be reminded of singles like Wishful Thinking, an approach to music that makes you fall in love with the essence of it all. He might have the charisma of the 6th Beatle. 

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His singles like Don’t Wake Me From this Dream and Taking Silence have had steady streams. It is no surprise music like this unites. It is the craftsmanship of an artist who takes his music as seriously as he has fun with it. You can listen to his single here and follow him for more:

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